A collage of images of a woman working in a home office

Its a familiar story, one minute you’re nailing it , the next minute, nothing goes right……….


Well this is the collection you need to share that story.


The home office is a collection of styled stock images for the savvy female entrepreneur .Using soft greys with black and white it becomes a nice neutral collection that will air well with many of the other Style Shoot Social Collections.




style shoot social home office

, making it simple to tell your story through images and well, the words will come more easily when the image is already telling the story, What a great stress reducer for pre planning your content this month.


‘The Home Office Collection is full of fabulous and fun images to cover all of the hats you might wear when working from home. Theres some great ring light shots for making reels, laptop shots at the kitchen table, the bedroom and on the couch, a smart phone on a tripod and some fun reading images. 


We also chose to show those tear your hair out frustrating moments that come along with working on technology. So no matter whether youre talking about your day or you need some great marketing materials or images to portray a message in your latest course creation, The Home Office collection has our members covered.

Scroll through the gallery below .