About Me

Who Am I

I’m like a bowerbird, except I’m collecting moments, not objects.

The most cherished of those moments are from my 4 amazing children. 3 gorgeous girls and 1 handsome son makes for a VERY busy life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!
I love a good chat, a great coffee and social gatherings that involve a nice glass of wine.I dance like nobody’s watching and when I’m in the car I’m either singing along to my favourite tunes (very badly, according to my kids) or listening to a podcast (GENRE is my favourite!)

In a single day I might start with a beautiful sunrise, then photograph breakfast at a fabulous cafe or the family campsite. You might find me lying on the ground capturing a wildflower or showing perspective on just how amazingly tall a tree is on the side of a country road. I might then head back to the studio to for a styling session. This is why creating a  stock library is the perfect outlet for my photography.

I have a passion for learning and love a good adventure. One item off my (extensive) bucket list is to photograph my way around Australia and the world telling the stories of people and businesses I meet along the way.

You can see more of my business branding photography

My Business Story

How it all began…..

This started out as a simple instagram page where I would style flatlays &  small vignettes around my home & photograph them. The more I did, the more I wanted to learn and even now I still feel as though this journey has only just begun.

I understand that not everyone has the time or skill to take beautiful and eye catching images that grab people’s attention. With a background in hairdressing, interior design  & a 30 year love affair with photography, it was only natural that my three passions would eventually meld together & form the ultimate creative outlet that I now call “Style. Shoot. Social”.I enjoy the storytelling aspect of photography and this growing library of eclectic images and graphics has allowed me to showcase how a great image can make such a huge impact for a business or have the ability to highlight a cause in today’s visual society. The Style. Shoot. Social membership is perfect for small business owners, bloggers and social media content creators.

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